FitSpark is designed by Tammy Uyeda, BSc(PT), BCRPA – Physiotherapist, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and mom of three busy kids.

FitSpark is a revolutionary, new high intensity interval training (HIIT) fitness app that helps to eliminate barriers to exercise:

  • Short, fast, efficient workouts (only 7 – 20 minutes long!)
  • Requires little to no exercise equipment
  • No membership required
  • Hundreds of videos provide new workout options each time!

Get your workout done and get on with your day!



Systematic Workout

Watch your Human Graph colors evolve as FitSpark reflects your workout efforts over time! FitSpark systematically builds HIIT workouts for you (similar in format to the famous 7 Minute Workout) based on your selections.


Time Effective

Make time for YOU without sacrificing quality time with family and friends! FitSpark workouts are only 7 to 20 minutes long – workout, feel good, and get on with your day!


Functional Fitness

Accomplish day-to-day activities with more energy and ease. Let FitSpark challenge your body with new functional movements that will give you a break from your usual repetitive and stationary postures.

  • Login

    Create your profile so FitSpark can build workouts suited to you and help you keep track of your progress over time.

  • Select Time

    FitSpark’s fast workouts are only 7 to 20 minutes long. Choose the amount of time that you have available to exercise so you can be sure that you can complete your workout successfully!

  • Preview Workout

    Preview the entire workout FitSpark has created for you before you get into it! See video and hear audio explanations of any of the exercises you choose to explore! The option to shuffle your workout for others is available, if desired.

  • Do it

    FitSpark does all of the planning and organizing for you! Hit START and get right in to a fast, intense workout built for you based on your chosen intensity level, available time, and previous workouts to date.

FitSpark Features


Let FitSpark teach you!

  • Preview overall workout before getting started
  • Tap to see video and hear audio descriptions of each of the exercises, as needed.


FitSpark takes care of it all so you can focus on your workout!

  • Video plays current exercise while you workout
  • Preview next exercise photo while you rest between intervals
  • Built-in interval timer keeps you on track with visual and audio cues
  • Your music playlists are integrated with FitSpark – choose your own tunes to motivate you while you workout!

See Success

    Two versions of the Human Graph will give you:

  1. Immediate, post-workout feedback on what muscle groups you have just exercised the most
  2. A general representation of overall exercise performed by your muscle groups over time.

Watch your Human Graph’s muscles transform from red to green as you exercise regularly with FitSpark! Colors will begin to regress back towards the red state if you miss multiple days. Stay accountable and motivated!